• Selen Beauty (SB) provides training in eye brow semi-permanent application techniques
  • Any training undertaken with SB is not a substitute for qualifications that may be required for any students who wish to become trainers or semi-permanent make-up artists.
  • SB does not warrant that students who undertake training with SB automatically become entitled to any exemptions from required qualifications in the area of their chosen semi-permanent make up techniques whether eye brows or other.
  • Students who wish to practice semi-permanent make-up must ensure that they have the required qualifications from the relevant institutions and government authorities
  • Advanced courses are offered to students who already have qualifications in semi-permanent make up and who wish to improve their skills
  • Beginner courses are offered as an introduction to semi-permanent eye brow application covering theory and techniques as a stepping stone for becoming a qualified semi-permanent eye brow make up technician.